At Daisy Crochet Studio, you will find crochet patterns, both free on the blog, and paid patterns in the shop.

Crochet Coaching will be coming soon where you will learn everything there is about crochet and how to make everything you see both on the blog and in the shop!

For those of you who are new to crochet: What is Crochet you might ask? Is it the same as knitting? This seems to be a common question I get when I tell people that I crochet. Short answer, no it is not the same as knitting. In fact, I regularly have to remind people that knitting is not my craft of choice. They always seem to give me the same look, you know that look, that look that says “You’re crafty, you can do anything!” In actuality, I have know idea how to make what they are asking.

The difference between Crochet and Knitting is quite simple really. Crocheting is when patterned fabric is made by looping yarn with a hooked needle, or as we crocheters call it a crochet hook. Knitting is when fabric is make by interlocking loops with either knitting needles or by a machine.

Through my blog posts, I will show you all the beautiful things that are crocheted but don’t look like something you’d find at your grandma’s house. Here you will learn how to make beautiful crochet clothing and accessories you will be proud to have!