What is Tunisian Crochet?

Tunisian crochet is so wonderfully easy, you won’t be able to help falling in love with it. Tunisian crochet is the cross between knitting and crocheting. It is worked using an Afghan hook, which looks just like the ordinary crochet hook except this hook is about 3 times longer than your typical crochet hook.

Some Afghan hooks have a flexible tail attached. There are even ones that interchangeable which means the tail is not attached but you can attach it, and theres different lengths to choose from too! The interchangeable ones are the best in my opinion because you have the option to change out the length of tail you need based on the project you are doing.

The first and easiest stitch to learn is the Tunisian Simple Stitch. It is definitely true to it’s name.

Usually the first question asked after learning a new style of crochet is “what project is best to start with?” My first Tunisian Crochet project was a washcloth. I personally think this was the best project to start with when learning Tunisian Crocheting.

First thing you want to do is find some yarn that’s easy to work with but that you aren’t saving for anything specific, this is the yarn you want to use to practice and perfect your Tunisian crocheting with. Mine always tends to be Caron’s Simply Soft; I have a lot of it.

Caron’s Simply Soft usually calls for a 5mm, or size H, crochet hook. When you are Tunisian crocheting, it is best to go up a couple of sizes because the stitching is much tighter than normal crochet. With this yarn, I like to use a 6.5mm, or size K, Afghan hook. Going up a couple of sizes prevents your work from curling.

Lastly, I recommend watching some YouTube videos on Tunisian Crocheting to help solidify your learning experience. Stay tuned for my Tunisian Washcloth pattern post. See you soon!

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